Accelerated Curing

What We Do

We specialize in cost effective UV hard coating solutions for polycarbonate lenses. Our facility has two independent UV hard coat systems within Class 10,000 cleanrooms. Our robotically applied UV hard coat provides resistance to abrasion, weather and chemicals. All while maintaining clarity and light transmission.

Our Promise to You:

  • Excellent commitment to Quality by meeting or exceeding customer standards.
  • Excellent commitment to Delivery by delivering on time. JIT delivery available.
  • UV curable hard-coating applications to meet customer demands and quality expectations.
  • Excellent protection against UV rays, Humidity, Chemicals and Abrasion.
  • Customized hard coating solutions to meet small lot customer orders as well as large production orders.

Currently, at our facility we process automotive headlamp lenses and a wide variety of non-automotive lighting products.  We welcome any challenge to add our protection and durability to your products

clear hard coated pieces